Nu-Tec Cape

System Integration & Support

About Us

We have been supplying products and services to our clients since 2000.  We have assisted them in choosing the best solutions that are custom built and designed for their unique requirements. We reduce system downtime by delivering networks that are resilient to failures by introducing backup mechanisms and fail over strategies, hereby increasing our clients profitability by reducing costs and making processes easier and more efficient.

 We have in depth experience with network design, logistics, project planning, project implementation and support contracts.  


Areas of expertise to name just a few :

Wide Area Networking - Routing, Bandwidth optimization, Quality of Service

Local Area Networking - Ethernet Switching, Controller Based Wireless connectivity.

Outdoor Wireless Links -  up to and including 1 Gigabit. links with mountain high sites.

Network Security - Next Generation Firewalls and Air Defense Systems.

User Authentication - 802.1X, Guest and " Bring your own device" portals. 

Advanced Application Performance Management - Root cause analysis and predictive capacity planning.